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Aero Parts Africa was founded by owner/director, Justin Byrne in 2016 and was built from the ground up into a successful business.
  With over 20 years’ experience in the industry, Justin identified the need in the Fixed Wing Aviation industry for an independent part supplier with customer support the No.1 priority. From humble beginnings and only with a handful of parts on the shelf and in an office not much bigger than the cockpit of an A320, the company has since grown steadily in terms of its inventory holdings, staff complement and floor space, however still has kept the focus on customer service and satisfaction. We continue to provide a dedicated and specialised service to our customers and continue to spread our footprint throughout the aviation market, both locally and abroad.







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Parts Sourcing Solutions

At Aero Parts Africa, our focus has always been our customer. Not only have we expanded our business to carry a large compliment of inventory, but we also offer a specialised parts sourcing solution should we not have the required part on our shelves. With a wealth of experience and knowledge from our dedicated staff, add to that our vast network of suppliers across the globe, we are able to offer our customers cost effective and quick delivery solutions when it comes to their parts requirements.


In addition to our inventory holdings and parts sourcing solutions, we also offer component repair management services. Our global network of repair facility partners further extends our customer support offerings. With cost effective repair and overhaul options and our highly competitive shipping rates, sometimes it makes more sense for our customers, in terms of both cost and risk control, to send their existing components for evaluations, repair or overhaul.


Our inventory is largely made up of parts related to the Turbine and Jet engine aircraft platforms ie: Beechcraft King Air and 1900 Airliner series, Cessna Caravan 208B, Cessna Citation range, P&WC PT6A and JT15D engine parts, EMB120/135/145 airframe parts.

 Sample of product that we stock or are able to assist with include:

  • Avionics & Instrument Related Components
  • Airframe & Engine Filters
  • Aircraft Lighting (Lamps/Bulbs/Globes/Power Supplies/LED Upgrades)
  • Beechcraft Airframe Parts & Components
  • Cessna Caravan & Citation Airframe Parts & Components
  • EMB120/135/145 Airframe Parts & Components
  • P&WC PT6A and JT15D Engine Parts & Components
  • Electrical Component Armatures, Brushes, Bearings, Shafts and Hardware
  • Electrical/Ignition System Parts (Ignition Leads/Ignitors/Ignition Exciters)
  • Windshields & Windows
  • De-Icing Systems (Wing & Prop De-Icer Boots)
  • Wheel & Braking Systems (Brakes/Bearings/Wheels etc)
  • Electrical Switches
  • Fuel System Components (Pumps/Transmitters/Sensors/Fuel Cells)
  • Specialised Inspection Hardware (Bushings/Bolts/Pins/Bearings/Seals)

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+27 (74) 777-5878
Aero Parts Africa Hangar 204 Lanseria International Airport Johannesburg, South Africa
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